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   Miss Nisha Who came from Mumbai for visiting purpose. She heard about Delhi many times from his parents that Delhi is A visitors Place there per day more than 10,000/- people visit for many purpose some visit for official, some attends for treatment because India number one Hospital exist there other go to their relative and especially tourist visit this place to see it because it is famous for historical from ancient times. So she had decided to visit this place and booked flight from Kolkata  to Delhi. It was not of first time journey in flight already travelled in the flight before it but she was going first time Delhi.  Rohini Escorts Service 

  She worked in Mumbai in body Massage Parlor and in the month of November decided to go Delhi for one month and stayed in three stars Hotel nearby Delhi Airport but she had come alone this city so also looking for guide who could address all thing about this place so she asked to Hotel Manager to arrange a guide accordingly next day she met with a guide as hotel manager called for her first she was insisting to go Red fort which was is very famous in all over the world. In order to see this tourist come from aboard the day was Sunday she went red fort with him beyond decided to see India gate which is the best place of this continental such as she had approached many ancient places in Delhi.  Escorts Service In Rohini 

  While she had thought that her journey was completed to no go any more, then her guide recommended to see taj mahal which is the world one unique antic piece to see it million people come to see so how can you ignore this place then one excitement created within her to see it so she had decided to go there.  

  She stay in which hotel there was running a meeting by youngster and she had seen one very handsome and dashing personality there and willing to make friendship with him she was drinking coffee in the lobby and also waiting for him but he was engaged with seminar and it was extending up to long time until end not sure. 

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She was looking for him but he not arrived there at 11:00pm then she had decided to sleep on her room in a first time how she might be so crazy it was first sight love which was very dangerous for her because until receive any feedback from him she could not live with comfort here she was vey anxiety with this attraction she was unable to consider about this topic but one question arise in her heart what is the reason to see him she got crazy. On the next day all of them had to quit from there because booking was end there are many candidate to be held but he was very special who wore black color paint and coat which face was glowing up a ray of light appear on his face to meet with them, she was very excited and finally made an excuse to meet with him went straight toward him and said someone was calling outside the hotel she also moved with him then she told that one body informed me to call you that he asked that who was that she replied” I don’t know he is saying just for job purpose’ listening this statement he decided to wait there because he needed for job so he came here he deny his met and told them to go please I would come latter some relative  was waiting for me. Being hear this statement from his found she got very surprised and though that it was a great moments for me. He again asked her who was that when he would return then she replied don’t worry I have large contact, may I get you a job but he told her where I stayed they left away and I don’t have money to stay at this hotel because I belong to poor family where to arrange two time square meal get not possible this coat wore is my friend. She became very emotional hearing  his statement she assured him do not worry you stay at my room until you get job after that you will live separate he told her ok as you wish.  Rohini Call Girls Service 

  As she was happy to be find him as worried about the job that where from she bring the job as the matter so she has some deposit money to be spent upon him early morning she wake up bought an newspaper read about the classified sited concerned to job beyond she informed by calling a cab love is blind and loyalty whatever to do favor for his partner. He daily wake up at 7:30am get ready by wearing same dress and went for the interview and rejected by mostly places and being frustrated come on front of her but she encourage him and said that wait for next day because all days are not same one day will get achievement obviously so do not lost the confidence and try to fight against this problem hearing this sentence he got motivated and get ready to present once again.  Call Girls Service In Rohini 

  Many day passed but he was no getting any job she was very serious about this fact because both of them were very closed to physical relationship and she decided to go Mumbai with him. As per the situation he went with her in this matter she had avoid to see that place for this she stopped there because of financial and his job problem. Both of them were in living relationship. He was jobless and searching for this continue she one day thought to provide job by her client who come in massage parlor she approached her job to her client whose dirty eyes always fell upon her while she discus about her partner status he told her not worry send him in my office I would appoint him as Cashier but for this you have to do some extra job only body massage is not enough further make physical relationship with me she shocked and slapped on his face being insulted he quiet from there and thought for revenge so on the next day he bought the massage parlor and fired her. She was also jobless with her partner both of them were facing terrible moments but she did not fear by this circumstance on the next day with which she was living his secrete was to be disclosure in while because who was he she does not know when he told her to go join this office she told him how did you now job about this post he replied her because an article published about this job a female candidate required for this job so I think you must deserve for this job visit and get job.  

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In the final coincidence of this love story result will be find out as she went to relevant office she saw that one man was sitting on the chair turning back toward the wall while she entered into the room she asked for permission to enter in the room while she admitted in sided the office he said her sit down show your resume and go back I will message you for yes or no same she did as he said she went away from there by submitting resume and she was selected for job but she did not know that where she had joined belong to him.  Escorts In Rohini 

  She was very happy and stated to work with him without knowing about him while she once day approached there to reference job assigned for her partner while she looked at noticed him that voice quality are matching and hair style was also matching so she to clear this riddle she put her nail polish color on his ears just put on some clue and next day she find that same color on his ear how it may be possible seeing this she turned back chair and surprised and asked you are here  he told her that he was looking such a companion who will love him not money so I found that you love me so I have played this game actually this idea come from a Call girl in Rohini who analyzed me love is loyalty and it need to probed in any circumstance. While I went Delhi Rohini found a Call Girl in Rohini who contacted for money but I was not looking for this pleasure just need to for romance which touch my heart.   Rohini Escorts 

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